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Environmentally friendly procurement notebooks

Environmentally friendly procurement notebooks

The goal of this document is to provide public, orderawarding and procurement agencies at federal, state and municipal levels – as well as company purchasers and institutional procurers, such as churches and associations – with a reliable and comprehensible aid for observance of environmental aspects in the procurement of notebooks.

Protection of the environment is one of the most important tasks of our time. Information and telecommunications technology (ICT) can make a significant contribution to this task. Aside from matters of energy consumption and emission of greenhouse gases, there are also other aspects to be addressed from an environmental perspective such as the conservation of natural resources by increasing material efficiency, improving health protection by lowering acoustic emissions, and the reduction of substances which can have negative effects on the environment.

In this context, the following is requested of both the manufacturer and the purchaser of ICT equipment: The manufacturer is challenged to develop and offer energy and resource efficient products, the purchaser to actually request environmentally friendly products so that they can gain widespread market acceptance. Both sides make an essential contribution towards achieving sustained supply and demand market patterns; they are directly interrelated.


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