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Legal stipulations (PCs and notebooks)

Legal stipulations (PCs and notebooks)

This guide summarizes all legal requirements for placing PC’s and Notebooks into the German market. The guide consists of 4 sections: safety, electromagnetic compatibility, telecommunication, and environment.

Each section lists the requirements (directives, acts), followed by non-legislative regulations and concretizing provisions (standards, market-typical requirements). These non-legislative regulations refer to the before mentioned regulative requirements, except in the paragraph on environment.

The one who places the products to market declares product compliance to the applicable EU Directives (safety, electromagnetic compatibility, telecommunication) by affixing the CE marking onto the product. A product can meet those regulatory requirements by complying with the relevant harmonized EU standards listed in the sections below.

If IT product and / or telecommunication equipment are intended to be deployed in non-IT environments (e.g. medical environment), further regulative requirements or non-legislative regulations may apply. If requirements from other legal domains must be met, the procurement operator shall formulate this explicitely in a suitable form.

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