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Vendor-neutral tendering of desktop computers


This document aims to provide contracting entities of Germany’s federal, state, and local governments with a dependable tool – one that is easy to understand – in order to help them formulate their tenders for the procurement of desktop PC in a vendor-neutral manner, i.e. without the use of trademarked names and without mentioning individual manufacturers, while taking into consideration current technological requirements.

At the heart of this guideline stands the list of technical criteria, which can be used to describe and compare the products themselves as well as the requirements placed on both their operational environment and other properties. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the listed technical criteria are subject to continuous change, and are to be weighted differently on the basis of the intended areas of application of the devices to be procured. The more discerning the requirements placed on the product, the greater the tendency for a higher offer price, and the bigger the reduction of market offers. For this reason alone, this guideline cannot replace specialist assessment and weighting of the relevant criteria in line with individual needs.

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